Mutation interferes with normal functioning of the gene and makes them susceptible to develop colorectal polyps and cancers. cheap viagra on line overnight An individual with an apc gene mutation, if untreated, will have 100% life time risk of developing polyps and colorectal cancer, and 93% of the cancer will develop by the age of 50. Moreover, they are also more susceptible to develop other types of neoplastic growth, though the risk is much lower. These include gastric polyps, duodenal polyps, desmoid tumours, osteomas, cancers of the duodenum, pancreas, liver, thyroid and brain. where to buy viagra online ireland It is important to note that with appropriate surgical treatment and regular prophylactic screening procedures, majority of colorectal cancers can be prevented in fap gene carriers. What can i do if i am or one of my family members is diagnosed to have fap? can you buy viagra pharmacy uk How can genetic testing help my family? If you are diagnosed to have fap, each of your parents, siblings and children will have 50% chance of having the disease. Since affected individuals may be asymptomatic until cancer develops, it is recommended that all family members should undergo regular flexible sigmoidoscopy screening starting from the age of 12 to14 to detect for presence of polyps in the colon. viagra without a doctor prescription With genetic testing, it is possible to identify the disease causing mutation in the apc gene for an fap individual. viagra jelly 20 mgp Genetic testing only requires aspiration of 20 ml of blood which is a simple clinical procedure with no risk. When the mutation is found, we can check for its presence in the family members. order viagra online In this way, we can accurately distinguish amongst the family members who have inherited the mutated genes and who have not. buy cheap viagra For family members who have not inherited the mutation, they can be relieved of the psychological burden and the need for regular prophylactic screening. buy viagra without prescription For family members who have inherited the mutation, they can receive appropriate prophylactic screening and cancer preventive surgery. viagra jelly 20 mgp With appropriate treatment and cancer prevention strategies, most fap gene carriers can have a normal life span. viagra jelly 20 mgp What do i need to do to reduce cancer risk if i am a member of a fap family? use viagra best results For family members who are diagnosed as fap gene carrier by genetic testing, or for family members who have not opt for genetic testing, they should undergo annual flexible sigmoidoscopy examination starting from the age of 12 to 14. viagra generic Flexible sigmoidoscopy is a simple screening procedure that. viagra generic discount takipçi